Made-up True Short Stories

Here are some short stories that are all true apart from the bits I made up.  Available to read as an ebook or downloadable PDF. Lovely story covers courtesy of Matt Law.  I hope you enjoy.

A Sense of Relief

12 pages | 1690 words

A new made-up true short story about being caught short featuring a golden retriever, a service station on the A2 and a lucozade bottle. You may not think of Lucozade bottles in the same way again.

No Sleep til Roskilde

28 pages | 5488 words

It’s summer 1996. England are about to play Germany in the Euro semi-finals, Britpop is about to hit it’s sell-by-date and a new pop band is waiting in the wings with a single called ‘Wannabe’. Horace is on the verge of his 27th birthday and temping in a Soho Picture library. His dreams of indie-rock stardom are all but over. But then the phone rings and he gets an offer he can’t refuse…

A Night in Dieppe

36 pages | 7000 words

A wannabe pop star, a sharp-suited businessman and a revolutionary communist are brought together at a ferry terminal and lock horns over life’s big unanswerable questions until they have to put their money where their mouths are. For anyone who has ever missed the last ferry home.

The Quilt

26 pages | 5735 words

Dave Quilty is a builder who loves playing his guitar. The trouble is that no one wants to listen, and he can’t get a gig anywhere. But when, unexpectedly, he finds a captive audience, he has a final chance to prove the doubters wrong. And maybe reveal a hidden side too. 

Sleeves – the Shop That Comes to You!

9 pages | 2279 words

When a graduate sees an advert to work in fashion he jumps at the chance but the reality is not quite what he envisages and he has to confront his demons.