Hello, I’m a London-based music promoter but when no one is looking I like to write. Anoint My Head – How I failed to make it as a Brit pop indie-rockstar is my first book. It took me six years to write but was in gestation for almost 50. Some other projects are starting to see the light of day too. Have a look around, and if you like what you see, sign up to my newsletter and an email will land in your inbox twice a month that hopefully adds value to your life with fun and interesting stuff. Welcome to the shed in the my head…


How I failed to make it as a Britpop indie-rockstar


A coming-of-age story about pursuing your dreams and what happens when reality gets in the way. Perfect for fans of Caitlin Moran, Nick Hornby & Ricky Gervais.

It’s 1992, and Horace dreams of becoming a rockstar with his band the Pointy Birds. The only problem is that his day-job filing vinyl in a Soho record store is stealing all his time and energy, plus rival bands like Suede, Blur, Pulp and Radiohead are moving on to bigger and better things. But then someone called Ricky offers his services as a band manager, and at last the dream can start.

Anoint My Head is the tale of a band who didn’t become rich, or famous, but had a manager who did. It is also the story of a musical era and documents the rise of some of the biggest British Britpop bands of the nineties, plus a comedian who went on to write quite a successful sitcom about a paper merchant in Slough.

‘The Pointy Birds…bland and inoffensive…..with a seriously overacting singer.’ NME

Anoint My Head – How I Failed to Make it as a Britpop Indie-Rockstar will be serialised as an e-book in four parts in November 2020 through most digital book stores, with full e-book and paperback to follow in December just in time for Xmas!


Don’t Mind If I Do


To coincide with the launch of Anoint My Head a collection of Big Slice songs are being released through Label Fandango/INgrooves.   The 12 song/35 minute album Don’t Mind If I Do ranges from the bittersweet ‘Ropes’ and ‘The More You Do’ to the infectious melodies of ‘Something New’ to the faster indie-pop sounds of ‘Sinking’, ‘Wooden Head’ and ‘You Seem Different’.  Come for the tunes, stay for the lyrics, wonder at what could have been and tell your friends about the best-undiscovered band of the nineties.  Don’t mind if I do…



Golden Ears is a sitcom-podcast set in the grassroots of the UK music industry featuring a dad-manger, a toilet venue and a dog called Memphis. It may include the odd song and animation along the way.

Series set up: Recently widowed Neil Sparks has a dead-end office job in a travel agency and lives alone with his 26 year old unemployable son Dorian who spends all his days working on the debut album which he thinks will make him famous. Realising that his son’s band has reignited memories of his own forgotten dreams of becoming a successful musician – Neil comes up with a deal: Dorian can use his mother’s savings to try and make it over the next six months after which he has to get a proper job. There is only one other condition: Neil has to be the manager, and what he says goes…

Series 1 out now.   



The Boulder is the first in a series of stories set in Parsley Bay, a real place located on the east side of Sydney harbour featuring a colourful cast of different animals, each a little bit dafter than the next.  Dumber and dumberer and dumbererer maybe.   In this first outing, Water Dragon and a blue-tongued lizard come to blows over a boulder and have to settle their differences in court. Out some time in 2021. 

As part of the day job, I’m involved in launching Radio Fandango, a new internet radio station featuring the best in new music and podcasts.  The aim is to emulate the playful and slightly sea-sicky spirit of seventies pirate radio meets American college radio – no algorithms, no genres,  curated by humans. To that end we made a promo video channeling our inner Jacques Cousteau shining a light on the weird and wonderful creatures at the bottom of the sea.   It’s come out rather well – plus the chorus doubles up as a jingle for the station. But beware, it gets stuck in your head.  Radio F-F-Fandango….