Hello, I’m a London-based music promoter, but over the years I’ve stockpiled a few writing and recording projects that are now starting to see the light of day. Have a look around, and if you like what you see, sign up for my newsletter and an email will land in your inbox once a month that hopefully adds value to your life. Welcome to the shed in my head…


How I Failed to Make it as a Britpop Indie-Rockstar


Back in the early nineties, I was the lead singer in an indie-pop band called The Pointy Birds. We played the backrooms of London’s pubs and toilet venues, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Blur, Suede, Pulp and Radiohead. But while they went on to bigger and better things during the explosion of Brit-pop, we couldn’t get signed, sold no records and got bottled off stage at our first ever gig. But we did have one big fan. His name was Ricky. He worked as the Entertainments Manager at the University of London Union and became our manager.

This is the story of how we didn’t become rich or famous, but our manager did.

Available as paperback, e-book or audiobook.

A+ book review of Anoint My Head

I can die happy. “If This Is Spinal Tap is the quintessential rock mockumentary, Anoint My Head is the closest you’ll get to that in book form.” Read full review here… Andy Macleod – Anoint My Head: How I Failed To Make It As A Britpop Indie Rock Star (Pointy Books)

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Russian spas, Gobbledegook and so much more…

Welcome to the June edition of Anointy news, which you are getting in July, but who’s counting. I got a bit distracted last month with Euro 2020 and then needed to recover from a birthday trip to a Russian spa. Not sure if I would file the experience under pleasure

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 Pointy Birds songs are not available anywhere in the world.  You wont find them on Spotify, YouTube or Apple Music and they never made it on to vinyl or CD in the racks of Selectadisc or Tower Records. Their only existence is on a couple of fading cassette tapes, but now due to popular demand (requests from at least three people) some of  these rare creatures are daring to show their face.  Visit the pointy birds page on this website and not only can you marvel at some old Pointy Birds photos that link to scenes and characters in the book, but you can download four of these nuggets of indie-pop pleasure.  Enjoy! (But please excuse the out of tune harmonica.) 



Golden Ears is a comedy drama that follows the ups & downs of Neil Sparks, a 49 year old travel agent who decides to manage his unemployable son Dorian’s band. It also features a pub called The Black Pig and a dog called Memphis. There are songs and animation along the way too. In an ideal world this becomes a musical. Watch this space! 



Parsley Bay - The Boulder front cover 2

  This is the first in a collection of stories set in Sydney Harbour, where a cast of colourful animals hang out and have disagreements.