Andy Macleod has worked as a new music promoter in London for over twenty years putting on live shows, managing bands and releasing records.  Over the years, he has had fun promoting bands such as The Arctic Monkeys, The Killers, Coldplay, Death Cab For Cutie, Keane, Fontaines DC, The Clientele, Ultrasound, Tiny Too, Flotation Toy Warning and hundreds of others. Before that, he was in an indie-pop band called The Pointy Birds managed by a bloke called Ricky Gervais, but not sure whatever happened to him.

When no one is looking he likes to write.  His first book is a memoir called Anoint My Head – How I failed to make it as a Brit pop indie-rockstar.  It took him six years to write but was in gestation for 50. He has also launched a sit-com-podcast called Golden Ears set in the grassroots of the UK music industry and written a series of stories set in Sydney Harbour called The Water Dragon of Parsley Bay  which he is hoping might be an Ozzy Wind in the Willows.

His influences/inspiration/heroes include PG Wodehouse, Jacques Tati, Bruce Robinson, Spinal Tap, The Clientele, Stephen King, Rob Reiner, Laurel and Hardy, Bill Forsyth, Jerome K. Jerome, Radiohead, Nabakov, Phoenix Nights, The Office, AA Milne, Billy Connolly, Madness, Dennis Potter, ABC, Monty Python, The Smiths, Kenny Dalglish, Eric Wark, Talk Talk, Diary Of A Nobody, Steve Martin, Dexies, Mike Leigh, Rik Mayall, Gregory’s Girl, Abba, George Orwell, Jim Kerr, Wham, Daphne Du Maurier, Ricky G, Dave Macleod and many, many more.

Andy is also a cold-water swimming enthusiast/bore, a Spurs fan and a dad. 

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