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#1 Lotus

Not made the Lido today. Frustrating because it’s the perfect day for a swim. Foggy and miserable. The trees are bare and the beauty of autumn is over.  The pavements are slippery, covered in leaves wet with rain. My 12-year-old boy and I have appointments at the Royal Free Hospital

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#3 The Sigh

Even though I like swimming and I like the exercise and the stretching and all that, it is not the real reason I go. It’s for the hot shower afterwards. And it’s not even the hot shower; it’s the physical thing that happens to my body. It releases a long

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#2 The Blue Rectangle

I often bang on about my local lido to anyone who will listen. It’s a large red brick building on Hampstead Heath, which looks a bit imposing. But to us lifers, it’s a sanctuary from the outside world – a happy prison. Inside is a big blue rectangle of unheated

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