Andy Macleod has worked as a new music promoter in London for over twenty years, putting on live shows, managing bands and releasing records through his two music companies Radio Fandango and Pointy Records. During that time, he’s had fun promoting new indie bands at early and pivotal stages of their careers. Acts include the Arctic Monkeys, the Killers, Coldplay, Death Cab For Cutie, Keane, Fontaines DC, the Clientele, Ultrasound, Tiny Too, Flotation Toy Warning and hundreds of others. Before that, he was in an indie-pop band called the Pointy Birds, managed by a bloke called Ricky Gervais, but not sure whatever happened to him. 

Over the years, he has secretly stockpiled a few writing and recording projects that now might be ready to see the light of day. The first is a memoir called Anoint My Head – How I failed to make it as a Britpop indie Rockstar. It was published at the end of 2020 and incredibly went to number one in the Amazon Music Book charts and received lots of fab reviews which you can read here. It took him six years to write but was in gestation for almost 50. The book was also adapted into a one-man show which he performed at Edinburgh Fringe 2022 as a 24-show run. The experience was too much fun – shows sold out, audiences laughed, critics wrote nice things, and he returned to London a complete diva. You can watch some footage here

Andy’s influences/inspiration/heroes include PG Wodehouse, Jacques Tati, Bruce Robinson, Spinal Tap, the Clientele, Stephen King, Rob Reiner, Laurel and Hardy, Bill Forsyth, Jerome K. Jerome, Radiohead, Nabakov, Phoenix Nights, The Office, AA Milne, Billy Connolly, Madness, Dennis Potter, ABC, Monty Python, The Smiths, Kenny Dalglish, Eric Wark, Talk Talk, Diary Of A Nobody, Steve Martin, Dexies, Mike Leigh, Rik Mayall, Gregory’s Girl, Abba, George Orwell, Jim Kerr, Wham, Daphne Du Maurier, Ricky G, Dave Macleod and many, many more.

Andy is also a cold-water swimming enthusiast/bore, a Spurs fan and a dad. He lives in London with his wife, son and daughter, plus a cat called Muriel. He wants a dog. 

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Press for Andy's Edinburgh Fringe Show

“Carries the magnificent bravado of youth that will hold Generation X-ers and anyone nostalgically inclines in a state of happy reverie.” Daily Telegraph ****

“A campfire tale of hope, dreams and failures with a lesson for us all – if it’s fun, it’s worth doing.” Entertainment-Now

“a one-man show about nearly making it as a rockstar in pre-Britpop London. Justine, Damon, Brett and Jarvis all feature, as does Ricky Gervais, in a charmingly ramshackle hour. Catnip for a music fan of a certain age.” David Hepburn The Scotsman

“Funny and touching tale of Britpop stardom that never was.” Al Murray, the Pub Landlord

Press for Anoint My Head Book

“Captures the time and the aspirations of a young band brilliantly. A great eye-opener into the absurd thought process of what it might take to headline Glastonbury!” Steve Lamacq BBC 6 Music

“You’ll read this book in one or two sittings – it’s a pure pleasure. All the fun of youthful dreams and the poignancy of disappointment – plus a remarkable A-list cameo. Magnificent.” Phil Harrison Time Out / Guardian 

‘If This Is Spinal Tap is the quintessential rock mockumentary, Anoint My Head is the closest you’ll get to that in book form.” Loz Etheridge God is in the TV

“Anoint My Head is a great read which rips along at pace and would make an excellent dramatisation or comedy series.” Iain Key Louder Than War

“Hilarious warts-and-all story of a Britpop band whose big ambitions did not meet their talents” Dan Carrier Camden New Journal

“Very good read. I read the book over the weekend. Some really good memories I had forgotten about. Great days. I hope it goes on to sell millions!” Saul Galpen Nude Records

“Super-evocative, Proustian and a wonderful walk down memory lane.” Mark Bowen Wichita Recordings

“This heartwarmingly tatty ‘Withnail & I’-tinged glance back at a time before innocent indie dreams were stolen by digital streams is a must-read.” Simon Williams fierce panda records

“A healthy measure of Nick Hornby with a dash of Adrian Mole had he joined an indie band. Just the tonic for these serious and uncertain days. Bottoms up!” Josh Levay, Pointy Birds keyboardist/naysayer

“If Spinal Tap had been an indie band in 1990s Britpop London. Brilliant!” The MacLadd


Press for the Pointy Birds

“Bland and inoffensive with a seriously over-acting singer” NME (1993)