Blue Monday Morning

Here is a slightly daft 53 second video I made about the place I love. It’s got a great sound track. Hope it makes you feel warm inside!


I often bang on about my local lido to anyone who will listen. It’s a large red brick building on Hampstead Heath, which looks a bit imposing. But to us lifers, it’s a sanctuary from the outside world – a happy prison. Inside is a big blue rectangle of unheated water 60 metres long by 25, which in summer climbs up to 25+ degrees but in winter can drop to zero.

Here is what she looks like on a hot day…



And here is what he looks like on a cold day…




Each day this blue rectangle of water looks the same but different – it can be as still as a mirror reflecting the sky above or on a busy, barmy hot day like it’s full of piranha. But as soon as I see it, I feel be-calmed and relaxed, like it has cast a spell on me. Of course, the reason for coming is to jump in and swim, but sometimes, just looking at the blue rectangle is enough.

So it was strange the other Saturday morning. I spent some quality time in my happy prison looking at my blue rectangle, and then in the afternoon, Elliot and I had tickets to see Spurs. And as we climbed up the stairs into their fabulous billion-pound toilet bowl stadium, there in the centre was the hallowed turf of the football pitch – a beautiful green rectangle! 


And it occurred to me, wow, I spent the morning staring at a blue rectangle, and now I’m going to spend the afternoon staring at a green one!

Of course, I would like to say it gave me nothing but pleasure, but the Spurs performance and Bournemouth’s last-minute winner made the experience more one of pain.

Bloody Spurs.