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How I Failed to Make it as a Britpop Indie-Rockstar


Back in the early nineties, I was the lead singer in an indie-pop band called The Pointy Birds. We played the backrooms of London’s pubs and toilet venues, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Blur, Suede, Pulp and Radiohead. But while they went on to bigger and better things during the explosion of Brit-pop, we couldn’t get signed, sold no records and got bottled off stage at our first ever gig. But we did have one big fan. His name was Ricky. He worked as the Entertainments Manager at the University of London Union and became our manager.

This is the story of how we didn’t become rich or famous, but our manager did.

Available as paperback, hardback, e-book or audiobook.


It was 30 Years ago Today…

Hey there Hope all is fine and dandy in your world. It’s non-stop glorious sunshine here in London – been 30 degrees all week. We Londoners get quite silly in the heat. People drop tools, pubs spill onto pavements, clothes

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No Sleep til Roskilde…

Here is a new made-up true short story which takes place 27 years ago in the summer of 1996 – a certain international football tournament has reached the semi final stage, Britpop is about to hit it’s sell-by-date and a

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