Anoint My Head London Show on Sale

Yes, tickets have just gone on sale for my one man show in London at the Museum Of Comedy on Thurs 17 November.  The venue is in a repurposed crypt under St Georges Church in Bloomsbury. It’s a lovely space with a fully stocked bar, so I would love you to come along if you are in the hood. Doors at 7:30 pm, and the show starts at 8:30 pm with a few live numbers thrown in. ‘Gig theatre’, they call it apparently.

Here are some reviews wot I got while in Edinburgh

“Carries the magnificent bravado of youth that will hold Generation X-ers and anyone nostalgically inclines in a state of happy reverie.” Daily Telegraph ****

“A campfire tale of hope, dreams and failures with a lesson for us all – if it’s fun, it’s worth doing.” Entertainment-Now

“Charmingly Ramshackle Catnip.” David Hepburn The Scotsman

“Funny and touching tale of Britpop stardom that never was.” Al Murray, the Pub Landlord** 

You can buy tickets right here.

Hope to see you down the middle!


More shows elsewhere to be confirmed very soon.


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