How Did The Trail Go Warm?

A few years ago we manufactured a Pointy Birds compilation album on CD.  It was called How Did The Trail Go Warm and featured all the classic non-hits.  We limited the pressing to one copy, not just to create demand, but also because it was primarily a leaving present for Pointy Bird multi-instrumentalist/ naysayer Josh as he departed UK shores to live in Sydney.   

But now, with the publication of the tell-all memoir Anoint My Head – How I Failed to Make it as Britpop Indie Rockstar, demand for Pointy Birds music has rocketed with at least 4 people now curious to hear the tunes.  This represents a 400% increase in our audience.

There is now some discussion at very high levels as to whether there should be repressing of How Did The Trail Go Warm to try and satisfy this new demand and whether it is worth the time, effort and expense. 

In the meantime you can download some of the songs here as an MP3.  There is also talk of making the music more generally available on digital platforms like Bandcamp, Spotify and other streaming services. Watch this space.

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