Lorries, Truncheons, Adjective Animals…

Hey there

Hope all is well. Newsletter time. As I type I can report that today is my birthday. How old you ask? Well 27 years ago I turned 27. And in 27 years time I will be 81.

So that makes me…..not the coolest or sexiest age. But then someone said Studio 54. So maybe it is.

I’ve always had this idea in my head that 35 to 53 is the main chapter in your life. The time you get things done. But I haven’t got things done yet so I need to revise this quarter-baked theory.

I think it’s actually between 54 and 81 where you really get cooking.

Yes that feels better. I’m just getting started.

Talking of which…


Here is a new made-up true short story which by magical coincidence takes place 27 years ago in the summer of 1996 – a certain international football tournament has reached the semi final stage, Britpop is about to hit it’s sell-by-date and a new pop band is waiting in the wings with a single called ‘Wannabe’. Back then I was on the verge of my 27th birthday doing a pointless admin job in a Soho picture library but then the phone rang and I got an offer I couldn’t refuse…

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