Endangered: 25 Years of fierce panda records

Series Set up 

Last year I interviewed my long-time-gig-promoting-partner-in-crime Simon Williams to celebrate 25 years of fierce panda records. It took place over three afternoons at our Canonbury HQ and on each occasion we opened a bottle of Prosecco and filled our tea mugs. It was a nice way to spend an hour in the office as the chat got more silly and giggly and we talked about his love of going to gigs, releasing records and bears. These conversations are now available as a three-part podcast called Endangered: 25 Years of fierce panda records and you can listen on Radio Fandango or right here, right now. 

Episode 1 – ‘Not Seeing ELO’

In this first episode we discuss the early days and why not being allowed to see ELO at age of 13 might have started the whole thing…

Episode 2 – ‘The Glory Days’

In this episode we talk about how fierce panda became a full time hobby, getting into bed with the majors, his stint at XFM and how he stumbled across this band playing the Camden Falcon who called themselves Coldplay….

Episode 3 – ‘State of the Nation’

In this final episode we discuss how the music industry has changed over the last ten years, favourite moments over the past 25 years and what might happen in the future.